Post conference publication – the monograph 

Manuscripts that meet all of the following conditions: 

  • have been submitted by the authors as manuscript for publication 
  • have been approved by at least one reviewer for publication 
  • have been approved for publication by the track chairs 
  • have been approved for publication by the editors of the monograph 

are scheduled for publication as a monograph under the title “Progress in Polish Artificial Intelligence Research 4”. Each article will be a separate chapter of the monograph.   

Due to the fact that the publishing house of the Technical University of Lodz is on the list of publications of the Ministry of Education and Science, the publication of the article, in accordance with the applicable scoring, is awarded 20 points. 

The condition for publication of the article in the monograph will be the signing of a license agreement by at least one author of the manuscript on behalf of all authors regarding the transfer of copyright to the Lodz University of Technology Publishing House. Corresponding authors of publications scheduled for publication will receive the contents of the license agreement for signature within the next two days. The agreement should be filled with relevant data signed and brought to the conference in hard copy.