UAI – poster session papers

  1. A Hybrid Fuzzy-Rough Approach to Handling Missing Data in a Fall Detection System – Teresa Mroczek, Barbara Pekala, Dorota Gil
  2. Categorical data clustering – exploration of known and new methods – Agnieszka Nowak-Brzezinska, Weronika Lazarz
  3. Interval modelling for ensemble k-NN classifiers in the case of missing values – Marcin Mrukowicz, Urszula Bentkowska
  4. Similarity measure for mixed linear and “wrap-around” spaces – Tomasz J Orczyk, Evans Tetteh
  5. Uncertainty preservation by nonrepresentable means on interval values sets – Humberto Bustince, Paweł Drygaś
  6. On functional equations related to some reasoning schemas and the Bandler-Kohout subproduct – Katarzyna Miś
  7. On the multiplicative Sincov’s equation in fuzzy logic – Michal Baczynski, Mateusz Pieszczek